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ACT is a business and investment company engaged in different activities in pursuit of offering solutions to their customers. We are established a as a company that signifies dedication, quality, and commitment in offering ideal business and investment solution to meet customer needs.

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ACT Notable Achievements

ACT have The following basic achievements
  • Successful RTM Implementation for (A&Y, EKT, Yegna and …
  • Recruited more than 1K women agents for…
  • Business Registration of more than 100 companies

  • We are a company that believes business is about building relationship, and this is one of our best strength, as we understand the value of repeat business and endeavor to send every customer “happy”.

    Why You select ACT

    We will make you proud
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    Our nationwide reputable and reliable network with government agencies, cooperatives, women associations, and private sectors help us to give the highest standards of excellence to our customers.

    Our Goal is to Empower people in marketing Aspect
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